Welcome to a land of horror and fear!

Welcome to our game of Carrion Crown. We play roughly once a week; but like all gaming tables, we have to cancel once and a while. We’ve decided to set up this OP page to keep a log of the adventure. Each week, a different player records the log, and they can record it however they like. Some of them have decided to record it in the voice of their own character. When it’s the GM’s turn, he writes in from the perspective of one of the NPCs.

(To make things easier to follow along, I edit some of the logs. -The Editor)

Please take a look at the wiki. There is campaign info there.

The Party
Player Characters:
Halungalom – A charismatic sorcerer of Tiefling decent. He’s a strong-willed idealist who strives for unity and a place to call home. While he’s reticent about revealing his racial identify, he one day wants all tieflings to walk free. Halungolam is the official leader of the group, and has embarked on a personal quest to gain lands and title within Ustalav.

Edgar Halfhill – A dog-riding halfling paladin of Erastil; brother to Thorn. He leads by example with good deeds and bravery. He views all of Ustalav as his community, and seeks to heal the land of its evils and to bring the people back together in harmony.

Thorn Halfhill – A charasmatic and quick-handed halfling rogue; brother to Edgar. He fancies himself an adventurer who likes to do as much good as he can where ever goes. He is brash and loyal, but if it comes down to his brother or anyone else, his brother takes priority every time.

Luna – Rough and tough country girl with a big hammer and a fiercely faithful hound. From a land of harsh laws and cruelty, she fights to remain free and to help others be free. It can be difficult to gain her trust, but once you do, you have a friend for live.

Dean Winchester – A gun wielding bad-ass from another world. His sense of adventure masks his deeply hidden fear that he’ll never see his little brother, Sammy, again. While he tried is hardest to stay tough, it’s easy enough to break the tough exterior with a slice of pie and family touch. It also helps if you’re a pretty lady.

Non-Player Characters:
Pellius Thrune – An educated man from the Chelaxian capital, he seeks knowledge for knowledge’s sake. Pellius is Halungolam’s seneschal, and is a long time friend of Luna’s.

Porkins and Skywalker – Caravan drivers.

Carrion Crown

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