Carrion Crown

Campaign Session 2 - Exploring Schloss Caromarc and the Lightning Tower


(From a torn page discovered stuffed in Halungalom’s journal; my guess is this occurred around 22-24 Gazron 4711. – The Editor)

Evil Bridge
Halungalom slips but catches himself
Luna slips and falls
Thorn shrugs shoulders
Halungalom saves luna with tree token
Magical door
Entry hall full of preserved things
Next room evil sarcophagus
Thorn awakens mummy and gains Mummy Rot disease
Mimic awakens opposite wall
Luna murders mimic
Dean paralyzed in fear
Edgar murders mummy
Fleshless eyeless with humonculi entourage descends stairwell (This sounds like the Faceless Flesh Golem. -The Editor)
Dean says witty catchphrase and destroys golem
Found Ring of Ram
Secret ladder in creepy room
Smoke everywhere
Everyone but paladin runs
Thorn gets a head. Twice. (I’ve heard this story from Thorn before; my guess is this is when he was attacked by the Beheaded. – The Editor)
Found shit ton of stuff in attic
Slept on 2nd floor
Precarious cliff, Halungalom falls, saved by Edgar’s dog
Water past door
Full of evil leeches
Two scrolls of lightning bolt solve problem
Healed Thorn of obnoxious ability damage and Mummy Rot
Opened door to dead headless four armed apes
Vargouilles screamed as Luna and Halungalom are paralyzed
Defeated vargouilles and salt and burned the remains (Thanks, Dean)
Next room there is fungus among us
Left next room
Dead undead, due to previous lightning scrolls
Went fishing to giant translucent fish thing
Edgar gets turned to stone
Everybody hesitates, but instead of pushing enstoned Edgar off of waterfall revives him with Stone to Flesh scroll.


Wand of identify (28 charges)
Wand of cure serious wounds (15 charges)
Scroll of raise dead x3
Vest of Surgery
Wand of speak with dead (8 charges)
Scroll of break enchantment
Scroll of lightning bolt x2
Scroll of control plant
Scroll of decompose corpse
Wand of diagnose disease (17 charges)
Scroll of rapid repair
Wand of gentle repose (4 charges)
Scroll of forbid action x2
Scroll of hunters lore x3
Scroll of qualm
Scroll of stone to flesh x2
Scroll of remove curse
Scroll of remove disease
Ring of the Ram

Jarred Jarred

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