Carrion Crown

Starting the Campaign - Schloss Caromarc

The Halfhill brothers – Edgar the Paladin and Trapmaster Thorn – have teamed up once again with the gunman Dean Winchester and the sorcerer Halungalom, this time they were hired to investigate Schloss Caromarc.

The Trial of the Beast has just ended, and the town is not to happy with the results. The dreadful and vicious Beast has been deemed innocent, despite all the eye witnesses of his crimes. Just after the trial ended, a large riot broke out at the courthouse, and the Defenders of the Beast ended up murdering many innocent civilians. For punishment of their crimes, they were banished from Lepidstat. But a few days later, two of the Defenders were caught just outside of town. They are currently in jail awaiting trial. Many in Leipdstat are hoping better justice will be served this time – at least for these two.

Not all were angered by the trial. Some citizens are happy to see the legal system work properly. One of their number is Judge Daramid, and she has hired the PCs to go check on the Beast and make sure he is ok. The Judge suspects the Beast is associated with an old Count who lives up in the mountains – one Aplon Caromarc. To assist them, the Judge assigned a trustee to go with them. One Luna of Rouvonel, a fierce warrior who is familiar with the Beast and has recently been to Schloss Caromarc.

The PCs accepted, and spent the day gathering whatever info they could. It was discovered that no one has seen the Count in years. He and his wife used to be a rich socialites, often inviting guests up to his Manor; but many years ago they stopped inviting people, and not long after all the servants were let go. Alpon himself is also suspected of being a “golemologist,” whatever that is.

They were also approached by a local resident, named Bennet, who offered a large house and some land here in Lepidstat if the PCs would give the Beast proper judgment. He claimed to represent the spirit of Lepidstat, and Lepidstat wanted the Beast killed. Pressed upon by the paladin, Bennet admitted he was really just a distraught father who wanted revenge for his daughter – she was one of the children the Beast killed. He saw it with his own eyes, and your eyes never lie. He also claimed that those high up ‘ristocrats lied and let the Beast go. The Beast was probably one of theirs, and that’s why they covered up for it.

Strangely enough, Luna had a different story.

Once at Schloss, they discovered the bodies of dead trolls, troll hounds, goblins, and some sort of large dog-like creature made from the parts of other animals all sown together. No one answered the door when they knocked, so they decided to let themselves in. As soon as the door opened, a huge air elemental appeared and pushed them back over the bridge to the gate house, where it spun debris into them. They managed to dispatch the elemental, with Hulungulum barely surviving.

Not to be deterred, they headed back to the house, and once in the entry hall, they were immediately besieged by some strange beast made of metal and wires with bits of flesh hanging on for decoration. Gunpowder and magic took care of it. The rest of the house was disturbingly quiet, and it looked as if it hadn’t been touched for weeks. Except for some unnerving Unseen Servants still serving an empty dining table with empty chairs.

Leaving the main house, the group made its way to the lab and discovered it to be a disaster. Some sort of explosion ripped out one of the walls. The noise here was devastating, as it was right over the huge waterfall. While rummaging through the rummage (looking for any side of the count or the Beast), three odd creatures came out of the rubble and started attacking their armor. The brothers took down one, a single bullet took down another, and a long hammer slammed the last so hard the floor underneath gave way.

Fearing for their safety in the unstable lab, they decided to head over a shoddy rope bridge connecting the lab and the building on the other side of the falls. Uncertain of the bridge, Hulungulum summoned up a dire rat to cross first to make sure it was stable. Half way across the bridge, a winged demon wielding a bow with fiery arrows popped into existence and immediately slaughtered the rat. The evil demon then turned her sights on the party and opened fire. At least, she tried to. The halflings, with bow and sling, along with the gunman, managed to take her down while the sorcerer kept her distracted with glitterdust spells and swarms of monkeys.

-The Editor, 23 Gozran 4711


No mention of all the items we “liberated”? lol

I get this feeling that we will find the dude’s fresh corpse, Blue will walk in on us and go into a rage, and we’re gonna have to kill Blue just to discover that it was the work of the dudes who killed Professor Loramer. I bet this dude was involved in the same shifty research as the professor.


I don’t remember all the details, so I’ll be relying on you all to add in whatever info you would like to record in the logs. Go ahead and list the items you took so we have a record of them.


Loot for this session:

2208 gold, 37 silver

Gray tunic
Extremely “expensive” painting
Technical manuals (100g)
Jade & gold writing set (150g)
Silver in flask (50g)
Silver chain (50g)
Gold snuff box w/ topaz (400g)
Platinum magnifying glass (600g)
Monocle w/ silver chain & diamond pin (800g)
Jewelry box (50g)
Noble’s outfit x10
Royal outfit
Magic goat figurine (?)
Smoking pipe (75g)
Brass & gold score checker (90g)
Magic rod (?)


Our campaign starts in the middle of Book 2 of Carrion Crown. We had a near TPK at the end of the Trial, and we decided to play a different game for a bit. Now we’ve decided to pick back where we left off, with mostly new characters and a new GM – me. :)

Jarred Jarred

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