Luna's Story

Questioning Luna, they learned that she was friends with the Defenders of the Beast and they were all invited to Schloss Caromarc by the Beast himself. “I was banished from the town because I dared help defend my friends during that fucking riot. You know, it ain’t my fault if those moronic idiots tried to get past my hammer once I warned them to stay back. They’re all idiots who deserved to die, anyways – they tried to kill us for defending the Beast, and they tried to kill the Beast just because he’s big and scary and just because they didn’t like the outcome of the trial. Well, they’re wrong. The Beast is really just a gentle giant, and he was wrongly accused of almost all the crimes. The only crime he was actually at was the break-in at the University, and no one really knows why he was there or whether he was actually involved in the theft of some artifact. But no, he didn’t kill those kids, it was a god-damned wight. And no, the Beast didn’t kill those swamp-herders or whatever they are, fucking Vorstag and Grimes did – they were skin-stealers or something or other and they can wear the skins of other people. Ain’t that the most disgusting thing you’ve ever heard of? Fuck.”

When asked why she would go back to Lepidstat after all that, she answered with one word, “Trolls.” Pressed further, she told the story of how they went up to the Manor to see the Beast, but the front gate was packed with trolls. "Fucking trolls. And troll dogs, and some other ugly-ass dog made of other dog parts. Seriously, what the fuck? Well, we managed to put the brutes down, but it cost us the lives of the Billy and the Orville brothers. Fuck.

So we decided to just fucking leave. There were only two of us left, anyways. Just me and old Pell. After everything we did for that bastard, and we get greeted with trolls. We decided to just leave and take the Bacuher brothers back to their family. And Billy’s stuff back to his family. Billy died early on, and we buried him up there. Put a grave stone right next to the gate."

“Well, the brother’s family lived here in Lepidstat. Although they were kicked out of town, too, on account of raising such bad sons or some such. Pell and I got caught the night before yesterday on the outskirts of town trying to get info on where they went. We spent the night in jail. Yesterday, Pell and I spent the day talking with Judge Daramid. She is working on getting us out. She managed to convince the other Judges to let me out to escort you all up to the Schloss, but Pellius had to stay in jail to serve my sentence in case I didn’t come back (alive or dead). And that’s where we are now.”

Luna's Story

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