Schloss Caromarc

Description of Schloss Caromarc from where it can first be seen on the road:

The fens give way to a deep, rocky gorge at the northern edge of the swamp, where a peculiar building, or rather group of buildings, clings to steep cliff edges above half a dozen plummeting waterfalls. Beyond a fortified gatehouse, a stone bridge arches gracefully over the raging torrents below.

Perched precariously beyond this is a fine, fortified manse and a ruined building that appears to have partially collapsed into the river below. A slender rope bridge, replacing the fallen
remnants of a stone bridge, links to a strange tower pierced with beautiful stained glass windows depicting bizarre beasts.

A further building teeters to the north of this, but how it is reached is impossible to see from here. Far above, a great tower rises from an isle of stone to the sky, ending in a great steeple topped with a huge lightning conductor.

The Schloss itself:

The schloss itself is a series of several buildings connected by bridges sitting over a huge waterfall. The waterfall is 200 feet across and falls down nearly 100 feet to the lower river. There is a gate house to which the road leads. The gatehouse is a squared barricaded building with four corner guard towers. It connects to the main house via a ten foot wide bridge with no hand rails. The manor is made of superior masonry, and the outside looks difficult to scale. Inside, the walls and doors are made of high quality wood, and the windows are 6 inches thick and made of leaded glass.

Through a secret door in the main house, a short thin bridge leads to the alchemy lab. The gate house, the main house, and the alchemy are located at the top of the waterfall.

From the alchemy lab, another bridge heads out over the waterfall to a building perched above the lower river. Beyond, a trail leads up the cliff side to a lightning tower.

Description of the Alchemy Lab:

This large workshop is crammed with alchemical equipment, but an explosion of some kind has ripped away the western wall, leaving a large gap in the floor and wall open, now wreathed
with scaffolding. It looks as if a stone bridge once connected this building with another on the far side of the gorge, but only a slender rope bridge now hangs between the two.

Rumors about Schloss Caromarc:

Schloss Caromarc is the dwelling of Count Alpon Caromarc, the former ruler of Vieland who abdicated his position when the Palatinates threw off the heavy yoke of the aristocracy.

An eccentric recluse, Count Caromarc has built a dwelling that both attracts and deters visitors. Known as the Hanging House, Schloss Caromarc lies to the northeast of Dippelmere Swamp, and is actually several buildings built into the walls of a gorge above a waterfall. Although the lower parts of the house are as luxurious as one might find in any city, the further up the gorge one goes, the more treacherous and inhospitable the buildings become.

Paranoid about his experiments and discoveries being stolen, the eccentric Count Caromarc has, it is rumored, trapped parts of his castle to prevent theft, and constructed numerous guardian creatures to serve and protect him.

(BTW, schloss a German word for a building similar to a chateau, palace, or manor house; or what in the UK would be known as a stately home.)

Schloss Caromarc

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