Carrion Crown

Campaign Session 4 - The Battle Against the Abberant Promethean

From the journal of Edgar Halfhill:

Being huddled beneath a trap door 10 feet from a giant spider abomination really has a way of making you question your choices in life. Just yesterday I was living the simple life. That all changed when she called upon me with a job offer.

She was an older dame. A lot older than I’m used to. She needed a job done and I needed the coin. I was to investigate the whereabouts of some poor schmuck and his monster pet. The same monster pet I was contracted to kill not 5 minutes before hand. Some bloke with a chip on his shoulder. Says the beast killed his daughter, but I’m skeptical. A murderous monster doesn’t kill your kin in front of you, then stroll off leaving you to tell the tale. Something smelled like a week-dead devilfish, and I aimed to get to the bottom of it. But that’s my job. I’m Edgar Halfhill, Ustalav investigator.

I curse Asmodius’ name under my breath as I hear the sound of a storm brewing overhead. “What in the Hells is Thorn up to now?” The giant freak shifts its glare upwards towards whatever the hells my brother is fucking with now. I nock an arrow and let it fly at the 8 legged cretin but the arrow bounces harmlessly off its thick hide. I did what I set out to do though; I got its attention. Without wasting any time I slid down the ladder and jumped onto the back of my partner in crime: My riding husky, Mush. The freak came barreling through the trap door that instant and into the room Luna, Dean, and yours truly were occupying, exuding some demonic, guttural sound. This time it didn’t have much luck frightening my dog.

A lightning crack followed by a scream of pain could be heard from above us. “That sounds like Hal,” Luna pointed out.

“Well, whatever they’re dealing with up there, I doubt it’s as bad as this thing,” I stated with a grimace. Another loud scream echoed throughout the tower from below us, this time a lot more beastly. “Can this Godsdamned day get any worse?”

Almost as if on cue, the poor excuse for a spider-crab latched onto Dean with one of its giant claws and hoisted him into the air. More lightning can be heard from above. Channeling all the mercy of Iomedae into my palm, Mush rushes in to make a chew toy out of the demon, while I attempt to close up some of Dean’s wounds.

Freakish tentacles sprout from the freak’s ass and wrap around Dean, freeing up its pincers to grab Luna. It was like an all you can eat human buffet, and this fat tub of shit was already going for seconds.

Just as I went in for a swing with my old buddy Maxwell, the fat ass decides it wants a little halfling appetizer and scoops me up with its second claw. I really regret leaving Absolom at this particular moment.

As if by some miracle, or curse, loud, thumping footsteps can be heard pounding at the staircase below us. The trapdoor beneath us explodes open and a second monstrosity matching Bennett’s description pulls its way into the room.

Right about halfway through my list of people I’m going to haunt, the second hulking beast plants its fist straight into the spider’s ugly mug. The freak’s claws release us and our bodies make a loud thud on the ground. Dazed, I pull myself up with Mush’s help.

I channel healing to my no doubt aching allies while the two monsters duke it out like a good old back-alley brawl. Now that the spider’s attention is good and focused on the hulk wrecking his shit, my ever brave and loyal brother finally decides to show up, leaping onto the spider’s back.

Just as things start to look bad for our new best friend, a loud crack pierces my ears, and a bullet pierces what used to be the spider’s head. The freak’s lifeless corpse limply falls to the ground and the now common sight of Dean standing over some giant carcass with smoking gun in hand can be seen.

The hulk known as Blue rushes past me towards the trap door above us. I tend to Dean and Luna’s wounds before heading upstairs to meet with the hopefully still alive Halungolum.

Blue tears open the iron maiden containing the elusive Count Caromarc. Upon entry to the room I notice the giant glass bell next to his old 5ft prison cell. Inside the bell is some translucent gel and a human woman. Hasty introductions are made, and I heal Caromarc of his present wounds. We get to talking, and the conversation is the strangest I’ve had in a long while.

This guy apparently made these… “contructs” he calls them, in an attempt to bring that dame back to life. Damn fool if you ask me. You’d think the fact that all his creations becoming giant monsters would tip him off that this kinda thing wouldn’t work, but to each his own. I asked him to do me a solid and stitch up a fake “Blue” for us to take back to town and show this Bennett guy. He promised us a mansion some rich folks got booted from a few days before we arrived in town. I figure I own Blue one for saving our hides, and this way everyone’s happy. Especially me.

We arrived back in town with the heaping mass of flesh and collected our rewards. Townsfolk think we’re bleedin’ heroes. Guess they really wanted that Blue guy dead. Animals…

As for me, I think I may visit that girl from the travelling circus in town. I got a gift I think she may like…

Edgar Halfhill, 26 Gozran 4711


Ah damn. Wouldn’t space correctly :/


Sall good lol, love the way you presented it. But you did leave out getting Pelious pardoned and having him make magical items for us for a year, and that we were about to head out to werewolf country lol


I asked about our issues with the paragraphs on the OP forums. They said, “the textile parser ignores line breaks if you include a space at the beginning of every line of text.”

They don’t know why it happens, it’s just the way it is, but at least we know how to avoid it in the future.

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