Carrion Crown

Session 6 - The Karcau Opera

(Six months prior. – The Editor)

From the journal of Basia Kalistoff

15 Neth 4711

My damn second cousin. He’s been the source of my misery for some time now. I’ve written about him before, how Skeldon robbed me of the rank of Karcau’s Captain within the Order. The position was mine, and his sent his lackeys to spread misinformation about me, while he bribed the Judges to vote for him.

But now it is time for his comeuppance. Skeldon is late on his payments to the Order. For months, the Judges have been demanding that he send in his field notes, pay his back taxes, and explain the disappearance of some of our local initiates.

An old friend of mine, Judge Daramid, is sending me some competent and trustworthy individuals. The last group I sent in hasn’t reported back, and I’m concerned with what happened to them. I’m still debating whether I should tell this new group about my concerns; I am worried they will decline if I do.

I have sent Judge Daramid some invitations to the Opera House; I will meet them there and we will discuss what I want them to do.

- BK

28 Neth 4711

I met with Daramid’s people tonight. One Halungalom, a well dressed man with an appreciation for the arts, and his two associates – soldiers by the looks of them, Dean and Luna. They were more than willing to go to Skeldon. I gave them some papers to deliver to my cousin; orders from the Karcau Judges that he report immediately. I decided not to tell them what happened to the last group. Lets hope they’re more competent.

On a side note, at least one of them appreciated the Opera. Speaks to his class. Perhaps they’re fare better than I think they will, with such fine leadership.

- BK

31 Neth 4711

They did it. I am much relieved to hear the news. Seems they had a bit of trouble, but not nearly as much as Skeldon did. Seems like one of his old accomplices finally got his revenge for when Skeldon, yet again, betrayed him for a profit. I remember this case; Skeldon left the guy for dead to a bunch of Drow. Turns out he didn’t die, he was just tortured for the past 15 years.

As Daramid’s men tell me, the Manor was seemingly abandoned when they showed up. A group of squatters took over the place for a few days, and they had to run them out. The squatters claimed they didn’t kill my last group, they were dead when they moved in. Turns out the squatters were right; Daramid’s men found the basement and the Darklands below crawling with Dark Creepers. Filthy little things. They also found an animated soulbound doll, which they neatly dispatched. The doll was responsible for some of the deaths of my last group. Daramid’s crew is so much better.

Not only did they dispatch all of the Dark Creepers, but they also found Skeldon alive – though badly tortured with acid, AND they discovered Skeldon’s noted on the Aeroelyle. As an added bonus, they even figured out how to use it. They have earned my gratitude. I will keep them in mind for future missions.

- BK

28 Calistril 4712

Skeldon has been found guilty by the Judges. He was convicted of pilfering Order funds, withholding valuable research, and misuse and endangerment of initiates. He is being sent to a lodge in Caliphas, where he can be watched over. The Order does not want to outright ban him, because he is still valuable, but he can no longer be allowed to be on his own.

- BK

2 Pharast 4712

Judge Daramid has written me inquiring about the Whispering Way. While they’re not my primary concern, I’ve had dealings with their kind in the past. And after Daramid’s assistance last Neth, I feel I need return the favor.

- BK

20 Desnus 4712

It cost a small fortune, but I’ve found a lead on the Whispering Way. They’re at the Ascanor Lodge in Shudderwood Forest. Ascanor Lodge is a nobleman’s hunting lodge. I figure she’s going to send in the same group that she sent to help me, and while they seemed to be of enough class to appreciate Kracauin fine art, I don’t think they’ll have the influence to just waltz into the Lodge. I’m sending Daramid some formal invitations for them. That should be enough to get them in the front door. The rest will be up to them.

And now, Daramid owes me a favor.

- BK


For those who are following along, two of our players were out of town this session, so we played the PFS scenario “Deeper Darkness,” and had it take place during the year between Carrion Crown Book 2 and Book 3.

To note, there is not originally a year separation between the two books; the players requested it so they could have some time crafting new magic items. Carrion Crown is particularly fast paced, but the urgency is all behind the scenes. It is fairly easy to modify the story to allow for extra time off for the characters.

Session 6 - The Karcau Opera
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