Carrion Crown

Session 7

Adventure Lodge 7 (Get it? GET IT!?)

Halungalom, Journal Entry “Werewolf Apartments”

Translated through tedius effort from what appears to be writted by a chicken with a pen strapped to its leg

Found Lodge
Pellius gave order to guards
Bellick the Halfling comes out
Bluffed into lodge with Drebin note
Haughty Nobles
Woodsman and noble with Heraldry
Accepted quest to hunt werewolves
Surly woodsman
Found info on lodge attendants
Went hunting like Cailean worshipper
Dory speaks of disgusting golden stag
Small clearing covered in blood
Stag is gone
Edgar finds tracks are bipedal
Convinced Dory it was a weredeer
Followed cloven feet
Ran into 3 boars
Cast create pit on rustling bush
Edgar spring attacks
Dean gets gored
Luna smacks boar
Magic Missile hits boar
Edgar dog murders boar
Dean shoots other one
When pit raises we pop pimple boar
Dory puts out fire
Dory convinced deer killed by werewolves
Stayed overnight
Told story of carrimarc and the brothers took over and finished the tale
He has scar protections of werewolves
Werewolves show up
Werewolves say ridiculous thing about leaders
We piss ourselves and run
Edgar revives dory’s man
Halfling comes out and apologizes
Asks us to speak to Astovian
Spoke with drunk corvin
Note appears in morning
“Beware wolves that watch the woods, they see all but leave no traces”
Dory thought to be in drunk stupor
Spoke with astovian
Offered personal library
Caught asty off guard about mathias
Left pellius to research
Got harrow reading
I’m fighting lythe werwolf
Thorn fighting 2 werewolves
Meet Dory with witch
Thorn and I got scars
Edgar speaks with silus and gets him to help
Thorn speaks wtih Bellick
Note “Auren Vrood came” Estovian’s journal
New note
“Some secrets are better left oncovered, leave ascanor before you too fall prey to its curse”
Paladin leaves with Cilus to have madame Ivanya lead to tower
Paladin finds witch in top of tower
Suggestion on stable master to find Estovian
Charm person on Silus tells me about Mathis and South Tower
Go to South Tower I distract guards
Thorn sneaks in and steals documents about Desna and Stairs
Blood curtling scream – gargantuan spider
Dean murders spider but Thorn gets poisoned

“This is disturbing indeed, from the writings it looks like they were getting closer to uncovering the truth behind the Broken Moon Situation. If almost we could go back and warn them about what they were about to go through. It almost makes you feel bad.”

“No… We’re only meant to transcribe. It’s not our place to show emotion.”

“You’re right. We should just get this over with”


“Went hunting like Cailean worshipper”
That means like a total badass right?

Session 7
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