Carrion Crown

War of the Wolves

Boy, have I had quite the day… It’s me again, Edgar Halfhill, Ustalav investigator. As if ghost werewolves and seductive worm bitches weren’t enough, I just barely weaseled my way out of an all out gang war between a couple werewolf clans. Luckily, Halungalom is a spell-slinging know-it-all, and gave our entire entourage the ability to fly. The guy can be useful at times, despite his engorged ego.

We fly to the edge of Shudderwood, unloading the fresh corpses of the unlucky bastards that decided to follow us into the woods. I guess that’s partly my fault… Men get awfully brave when they think they can’t die. I shake the thought from my head as I look around, taking a head count.

Fuck. Just as I suspected. Thorn‘s still in that tower structure. Even a whiff of treasure and that gold-pinching bastard is gone in a flash. Luckily for both of us, he’s damn good at staying out of the spotlight. I let my partners know I’m going back in to save my brother, and only Luna wants to join me in my fool’s errand. I can’t say I blame ’em.

Luna, Mush and I take off, flying back towards that Thrice-damned tower of death. It doesn’t take long before we can smell the stench of blood. After a few moments, we can see the Stairs of the Moon from above. A large purple butterfly decorates the top of the tower where there aren’t bloody wereworf corpses.

Thorn Halfhill comes into view for a brief moment on a lower platform of the tower, before he vanishes again suddenly. Damn that invisibility ring of his. We land on the outcrop and head directly for the door Thorn was standing next to. I hear his voice next to me, and Mush slows to a stop. I ask him what in the hells he thinks he’s still doing here. He feeds me some bullshit about a pit and some potions he found.

The sound of battle rages on above us, and I remember that a few of the werewolf clans don’t take too kindly to non-werewolves living in their woods. I figure it may be in the best interest of everyone in the lodge if I make sure the side that feels that way doesn’t win. I mull the idea over with my compatriots before we decide it’s probably the best course of action. With a heavy sigh, I hop back up on Mush’s saddle. No one lives forever, right?

We fly up to the top of the tower, passing over a few groups of particularly unpleasant looking flea-bags. Looks like the beastmen Halungalom hit with his sparklers are still having a tough time with it. Hell if I can tell these dogs apart, but one of ‘em in the middle with silver hair seems to match the description of Mathis, the would-be leader of the whole mangy pack. To be sure I’m fighting on the right side, I call out to Mathis, making sure I have his word that he’ll leave man alone if he becomes ruler. He barks in agreement as Luna’s hammer come down on another wolf’s head. Good enough for me…

The fight goes on for quite some time, and at some point Mathis cries out that he’s been betrayed. Hell if I know what’s going on, but it means that we have even more dogs to deal with. Luna dances around the roof, hammer swinging and bodies flying. I swear she get’s a kick out of this. Thorn darts in and out of sight, taking a wolf or two with him as he goes. So much blood… I wonder how Mush is holding up.

After the last body falls, I find myself surrounded only by my brother, Luna, and a single werewolf. After a quick scan around the carnage, I find Mathis’ body. He’s hurt. Bad. Luckily for him, I haven’t lost a patient yet. My hand glows white as I lay it upon the beaten beast, and life re-invites itself into his body.

I ask him what he knows about the Whispering Way, and he points me in the right direction. After our chat, he removes half of a heart from his pouch, and devours it in front of us. I lost what little appetite I had. He declares himself top dog, and runs off with the only other surviving werewolf at that battle. I wish the bastard good luck as I begin to question whether or not healing him was the best idea. I guess I should just be glad we’ve all still got a pulse.

Halungalom‘s magics have worn out at this point, so we decide to walk back to the lodge. It’s a damn shame about this tower though. Minus all the blood and bodies, this’d be a nice spot. That’s when it hits me. The purple butterfly. This is a shrine to Desna, a Goddess aligned with my own. Whether I like it or not, it’s my duty as a paladin to restore this shrine to working order. Don’t wanna piss off the big guy upstairs, after all…

We make it back to the lodge by nightfall. Thorn tells Halungalom and Dean about the battle as Mush and I settle in for the night. I think we’ve earned a restful night’s sleep.

In the morning, I set out to clean up the Stairs of the Moon. Halungalom and Dean decide to join us this time. I guess mop up duty is more appealing than helping make the mess.

We reach the shrine mid morning and begin cleaning. At some point, my brother shows us a scroll he found, indicating how to purify the shrine. After the mess is cleaned up, we begin preparation for the ritual. It’s not like anything weirder could happen, right? Or so I thought.

After the ritual was complete, I heard a voice in my head and saw visions flash before my eyes. We were fighting some shady looking guy in armor, freakish monsters, and worse. The voice told me of the journey ahead of me. It didn’t sound pleasant at all, but I had a feeling it would come to this. I mean why not? The rest of my life hasn’t exactly been all daises and sunshine. After I regained consciousness, I saw the looks on everyone’s faces. They just had the same vision I did, that much was clear. But why? I guess we have to continue on to find out. It takes us a minute to notice, but we all seem to have pale silver eyes now too.

Even though we’ve been travelling together for a while now, this is the first time I really feel like part of a whole. We’re in this together now. For better or most likely worse. Our fate no longer seems to be our own, I’m afraid. I guess all in all though, I could be stuck with a worst group of schmucks.


Jarred CrusaderEm

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