Judge Daramid


Judge Daramid is one of the Judges of Lepidstadt. She is the one who demanded that the Beast get a fair trial, and due to her pull in the community, she got what she wanted. She also suspected that there was more to meet the eye with the Beast, so she hired a seemingly competent group to investigate his crimes.

After the trial, some of the other Judges were pissed that the Beast wasn’t found guilty, and blamed the group who acted as his defense. They used their pull to banish them from Lepidstadt forever.

A few days later, two of those banished were caught on the outskirts of town and thrown in Jail. Daramid has managed to temporarily free one of them (with the other held as collateral) on condition they find out where the Beast went and why he was at the University. She is hoping that this will buy her enough time to get both of their names cleared before the town riots up again and kills them all.

Now, she’s hired a new group to help Luna out.


Judge Daramid

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